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Iím a Danville girl. I graduated from Danville High in 1975. During high school, I started my dental career by working with Dr. Joe Herbstman, an orthodontist in town. I started Lake Land College in Dental Hygiene right out of high school, and graduated from there with an A. A. S. degree in 1977. I began working for Dr. B.T. Geckler (some of you folks might remember himÖthatís whom Dr. Mike started with) in 1977. I then went to the V. A. Dental Service. I left the V.A. to work with Dr. Mike in 1985 and have been here ever since.

I have wanted to be a dental hygienist ever since junior high, and so far, I really enjoy it. With all the new advances in dentistry, like digital x-rays and computers in the operatory, it makes my job so much simpler and I can spend more time with my patients. I like a couple of things about working with Dr. Mike. Dr. Mike does quality work and Iím very concerned about that for my patients. Another thing I like is working with families. I like getting to know my patients and some of them feel like family to me. Speaking of feeling like family, I also like my co-workers, because we get along like family.

I enjoy taking photos, making jewelry, working on the computer, and of course, shopping! My photography hobby has turned into a small business. I have started taking wedding and family photos, and I really enjoy it.