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Connie Bergman


My name is Connie Bergman. I have lived in the Bismarck area my entire life. I married my high school sweetie, Brad, in 1983; one year after graduating from BHHS. Since we were so young, we chose not to have children immediately. We needed the time to mature and experience life.

On April 3, 1990 we were so excited! We had our first son, Gabe. We spent every waking moment with him. With being the only child for five years, Gabe was spoiled, but also responsible for his age. This worked to all of our advantage, because he became the most important big brother on June 14, 1995. Triplet siblings, Caleb, Abby, and Jesse, were born. God miraculously changed our lives and what a wonderful change it was.

After nine years of employment at Dillman Eye Care, I had to make the tough decision to resign. Gabe was six years old and involved in many activities. The triplets were one, walking, and into everything. I needed to be home with my family. This was the beginning of my next journey; home daycare, eight to twelve children everyday, for seven years.

Now that my children are older, I am able to work outside my home. I was honored to join Dr. Fuesting and the smile team on March 8, 2004. "I am loving every minute of it", as Cramer on the sitcom Seinfeld would say. My coworkers adopted me as part of the family immediately. The patients are such a joy to be around. The knowledge Iím gaining is incredible and Iím so hungry for more, I just canít get enough. I am so thankful to have this wonderful opportunity.

I have very little spare time with four children involved in baseball, basketball, and football. Brad plays bass guitar in a band on weekends. We are members of Northland Christian Church. I sell Creative Memories, scrapbookings products. I love being outdoors doing yard work, spending time with family and friends, and watching my three brothers race.

God has a purpose for my life and I hope that it somehow involves you.